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Dr. Lynn Friedman, a Washington, DC-based (Friendship Heights), clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, specializing in work-life & relationship concerns

Pursuing your work-life goals: These articles will help you to identify and pursue your goals in work and in life.
Dr. Lynn Friedman works with professionals and professionals-in-the-making to help them to achieve work-life satisfaction

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Dr. Lynn Friedman: Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

  • Take steps to achieve your work-life goals These career coaching columns and online shows describe steps you can take to achieve workplace satisfaction, including, finding your career path or calling, managing challenging workplace dynamics and dealing with a difficult bosses.

  • Interpersonal behavior, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis Understand self-sabotage, learn about two helpful treatments: psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Find a skilled therapist, including one with a sliding scale.

  • Organizational culture in the Independent Schools Explore the concerns of school heads, faculty, boards and families, with a special focus on a systemic (organizational) framework, for understanding organizational change in this unique culture.

  • For psychologists-in-the-making and psychologists, the undergraduate experience, the psychology graduate school experience and the private practice & postgraduate experience.

  • Connect with Dr. Lynn Friedman - one on one or in a workshop
  • Is your career off-track? Is your job getting you down? Do you find it impossible to follow through on the suggestions of career books and coaches? Download Dr. Lynn Friedman's pdf file examining the kinds of help that might be useful.
  • Would you like to talk to Dr. Lynn Friedman about your work-life concerns? Feel free to give her a call at: 301-656-9650 Address: 5480 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815.
  • Understand your companies organizational dynamics. Read Dr. Lynn Friedman's, monthly, Washington Business Journal Column, Corporations on the Couch.
  • For your questions about relationships, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, check out Dr. Lynn Friedman's new blog and website, The Washington Psychoanalyst.

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