Help getting into Clinical Psychology

Help getting into Clinical Psychology graduate school

If you’ve come to this page, you are probably seeking help getting into Clinical Psychology graduate school.

Sometimes people call me for consultation when they are considering a career in clinical psychology. Some may be trying to assess which is the best mental health degree in light of their goals. I enjoy providing this sort of consultation, particularly from people who are exploring how to transition from another field into psychology or related disciplines. However, paying for consultation can be expensive. I have found that, especially, for undergraduates, there are many more cost-effective alternatives.

Thus, I advise people to take a few steps prior to making an appointment with me. Even if you, ultimately, decide to follow up with a consultation, if you do your homework you will be better able to make use of our time together. You may not need help getting into clinical psychology. The information, below, may be all that you need.

Of course, you may have landed here, inadvertently, because you are seeking psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, that is a horse of a different color. If that’s the case, feel free to give me a call: 240.483.3530. Otherwise, see below.

Readings on how to get into graduate school in clinical psychology as well as other options:


  1. Here’s a terrific pdf by psychologist at University of North Carolina. Mitch Prinstein, Ph.D.,  Applying to Graduate School in Clinical Psychology
  2. A helpful book, by a psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh, Michael Sayette, Ph.D., The Insider’s guide to graduate programs in Clinical and Counseling Psychology.
  3. How to apply to graduate school in Clinical Psychology.
  4. Obtaining references from professors.
  5. Obtaining clinical research positions.

Steps to take prior to considering consultation for getting into graduate school in clinical psychology and related disciplines:

  1. Seek consultation from psychology faculty in your undergraduate institution. Even if you live far away or graduated long ago, this consultation may be available via phone, text or video. And, likely (though not always), it will be free.
  2. If you are still an undergraduate, absolutely, talk to professors in your psychology department – even if you are NOT a psychology major. You may need to be persistent but it will likely to be worth your effort.
  3. Join Psi Chi, the Psychology Honor Society
  4. Join your Psychology Club. If there isn’t a club, start one!

Seeking a consultation on getting into graduate school in clinical Psychology? Here’s how to reach out to me.

My approach to coaching people on getting into graduate school is very different from the way in which I approach other kinds of consultations (e.g. therapy, psychoanalysis, supervision). If you’d like me to provide coaching, I ask that you reach out to me in the following way: Send me an email at: drlynnfriedman(at) The subject line should say, “Seeking consultation on getting into graduate school”. Then, please describe in fewer than 200 words, what sort of help you are seeking and a bit about your background. In general, I will reply within two business days – If I feel I can be helpful, I will try to fit you into my schedule. And, I will send you guidelines about how we can proceed. If I don’t feel I can be useful, I will try to point you in another direction. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Lynn Friedman

Dr. Lynn Friedman, Ph.D., FABP, is a Clinical Psychologist, a Supervising and Training Analyst, and a Clinical Supervisor in full-time, private practice. She provides evaluation, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis as well as supervision to psychoanalysts-in-training and other mental health professionals. Beyond this, she is a board certified, psychoanalyst who teaches at Johns Hopkins University and the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.

I'm interested in exploring a consultation with you, what's my next step?

I provide psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, clinical consultation, supervision & executive coaching. If you are seeking consultation from a psychologist, psychoanalyst, in DC, feel free to call me: 240.483.3530.