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Dr. Friedman is a devoted teacher, clinical supervisor, consultant, presenter, writer, Johns Hopkins faculty member, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in the dc metro area. In 2013, the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute honored her for teaching excellence. As an adjuvant to her clinical work, she provides consultation to independent school heads and their board chairs and to university administrators and faculty as well as other educational leaders. Also, she is a trustee, and recent past governance chair, on the board of the McLean School of Maryland.

Dr. Friedman has presented, nationally, on an array of psychoanalytic topics. She has a deep commitment to bringing psychoanalytic ideas to bear in everyday endeavors. Toward this end, she has written over 100 columns for the popular media, including the Washington Post. Her Washington Business Journal column, “Corporations on the Couch,” was nationally-syndicated. Her professional publications and presentations have focused on clinical technique, applying psychoanalytic concepts to career development and organizational dynamics in independent schools. She has pioneered the concept of psychodynamically informed, career assessment.


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