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Washington DC: Psychodynamic Therapist

Many in Washington DC seek out psychodynamic psychotherapy. Those seeking psychodynamic therapy are often aware that their symptoms such as, anxiety, sadness, depression, malaise, dissatisfaction, fear of abandonment, fear of intimacy, uncertainty about work and life goals, struggles with identity and interpersonal conflict, are signs of underlying struggles or inner turmoil.

They respect their symptoms because they recognize that their symptoms have meaning and serve a function.  Moreover, they appreciate that in some way (as miserable as they may feel) their symptoms may protect them from pain. They realize that understanding the meaning of their symptoms, and the ways in which their symptoms may protect them, leads to increased self-awareness. While those seeking psychodynamic psychotherapy feel that symptom relief is important, they want more than superficial relief. They aim for a more comprehensive understanding of themselves.

That is, they seek the deeper more robust path which psychodynamic therapy offers. Their ultimate goal is to develop an owner’s manual to their inner world. Psychodynamic therapy aka “insight therapy”, typically, meets once, twice or three times a week. Sometimes, people recognize that a more in depth approach is warranted. So, they undertake a more intensive treatment, psychoanalysis.

Washington DC-based, psychodynamic psychotherapy

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Washington DC Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

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