Johns Hopkins & other university teaching

Johns Hopkins and Other University Teaching

Johns Hopkins and Other University Teaching, psychologist, psychoanalyst

My Johns Hopkins & other university university teaching experience includes, an array of graduate, undergraduate and post-graduate settings.  Since 1999, I’ve been teaching at Johns Hopkins University. Currently, I teach within the mental health counseling program in the School of Education. Previously, I taught in the Organizational Development/Human Resource Management program (1999-2008) within the Graduate School of Education and Business.

Prior to that, from 1986 – 1999, I served as a Visiting Faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University in the Department of Psychology and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Evaluation, Policy and Planning in the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management.

In the past, I have taught at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and in the Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Johns Hopkins Teaching

Mental health counseling program (School of Education)

Psychodynamic Theory and Therapy

Introduction to Psychodynamic Counseling

Object Relations Theory

Building a private psychotherapy practice

Seminar in Career Counseling

Career Coaching: Innovative Career Counseling Practices

Organizational Development/HRM courses (School of Business)

Carnegie Mellon University

Prior to my Johns Hopkins teaching, I taught at Carnegie Mellon University.

Department of Psychology

Heinz School of Public Policy & Management (formerly SUPA)


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