A consultation for psychoanalysis?

What happens in a consultation for psychoanalysis?

You are probably wondering, what happens in a consultation for psychoanalysis? As a psychoanalyst, I make a careful assessment of your difficulties. Then, I offer recommendations as to what sort of treatment would be most helpful to you. Sometimes, this may be psychoanalysis or psychodynamic therapy; also, know as “depth therapy”. Other times, I may suggest something outside of my bailiwick, such as a consultation with a clinician with a different kind of mental health expertise. In either case, as a  psychoanalyst I will either offer you some sort of psychoanalytic (or psychodynamic) treatment or to point you in a helpful direction.

Sometimes people ask:

Why do people seek psychoanalysis?

What kinds of people benefit from psychoanalysis?

What are some examples of the kinds of people who benefit from psychoanalysis? These include:

  • Don, repeatedly chooses unavailable partners. Although he’s an accomplished, Washington, DC, based professional who purports to want a family.
  • Xiang, a highly, sought out psychiatrist who suffers from workaholism.
  • Paul, a very bright, lawyer, with an outstanding, academic pedigree, who is anxious and depressed.
  • John, a junior partner, in a prestigious law firm who is suffering from “imposter syndrome”.
  • Mariana, an Argentinian immigrant, and a newly tenured professor at a rigorous institution suffers. She suffers from “imposter syndrome“. Despite her major accomplishments she feels she did not deserve tenure.
  • Tom, a successful executive who is very unhappy at his job despite significant promotions and good pay; he’s sought career counseling many times but has found it ineffective.
  • Kim, a Vietnamese emigre, and professor, at a top Washington, DC, medical school,  who is unhappy in her bi-cultural marriage. She attributes her marital difficulties to the “cultural divide”.
  • Susan, a highly, successful doctoral student in a top-tier program who suffers from chronic anxiety and self-doubt.

Why seek psychoanalysis with a Training and Supervising Analyst?

Why enter psychodynamic therapy with a psychoanalyst?

If you are considering psychoanalysis, feel free to call, text or email me: 240.483.3530, drlynnfriedman(at)gmail.com. Please do not leave please provide your name and contact information. Because of a concern about confidentiality please do not provide personal information via text or email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Lynn Friedman

Dr. Lynn Friedman, Ph.D., FABP, is a Clinical Psychologist, a Supervising and Training Analyst, and a Clinical Supervisor in full-time, private practice. She provides evaluation, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis as well as supervision to psychoanalysts-in-training and other mental health professionals. Beyond this, she is a board certified, psychoanalyst who teaches at Johns Hopkins University and the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.

I'm interested in exploring a consultation with you, what's my next step?

I provide psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, clinical consultation, supervision & executive coaching. If you are seeking consultation from a psychologist, psychoanalyst, in DC, feel free to call me: 240.483.3530.