Psychologist in the District of Columbia

Find a psychologist in Washington DC

If you've come to this post, you've probably googled, "find a psychologist in Washington, DC". Or, perhaps you...

Marriage Therapy or Individual Therapy

Marriage therapy or individual therapy or both: 5 tips to knowing which will be most helpful to you...
psychoanalytic institutes in the united states

Psychoanalytic Institutes in the United States

A list of psychoanalytic institutes, in the United States, accredited by the International Psychoanalytic Association If you've come...

Psychodynamic Psychologist Training Programs

Psychodynamic Psychologist Training Programs for those seeking a doctorate in Clinical Psychology Psychodynamic psychologist training programs are a...

Washington DC Career Counselor and Psychologist

 Washington DC, Career Counselor and Psychologist, Dr. Lynn Friedman, originally, published this piece, "Overcoming Roadblocks to Career Change,"...

Online Therapy During the Coronavirus Crisis

Why might Online therapy during the Coronavirus crisis be helpful? You're considering online therapy during the Coronavirus crisis....

Creating a blueprint for career change in Washington DC

Creating a blueprint for career change in Washington DC, is a workshop devoted to providing with a road...

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy? By a Washington DC Psychoanalyst in full-time private practice People often ask, What is...

Dealing with a difficult boss

Dealing with a difficult boss, was previously published in the Washington Business Journal column, Corporations on the Couch, a...

I'm interested in exploring a consultation with you, what's my next step?

I am providing online psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, clinical consultation, supervision & career counseling. I am eager to return to the office as soon as it feels safe to do so. If you are seeking consultation from a Psychologist in DC, feel free to call me: 301.656.9650. Here's what happens when you call for psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.