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Below, National Career Development Association Articles, published by Dr. Lynn Friedman, Washington DC, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Master Career Counselor are described.

The Role of Unconscious Conflict in Career Counseling

Career counseling is effective for most clients. However, some unconsciously undermine the process. Why do these clients engage in self-sabotage? How can they be understood and helped? The author presents a model for psychoanalytically-informed career assessment and describes how this approach can lead to useful recommendations for career assistance.

The Role of Transference in Career Counseling

When clients project early experiences with their parents onto their counselors, this is called “transference.” Though career counselors often receive positive transferences, the opposite can sometimes occur, thwarting our best efforts to help clients progress. This article will cover how transferences can be understood, addressed and overcome.

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career coaching vs psychotherapy

Career Coaching vs Psychotherapy

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