Marriage counseling benefits

Marriage counseling benefits couples in many ways. Couple’s therapy can be useful to couple’s wishing to improve their relationship. Beyond practicing psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, I have considerable training and experience in marriage counseling. In the early 1980’s, I completed specialized training in marriage counseling and couple’s therapy. Since that time, I have devoted a significant part of my practice to working with couples. From this work, I have come to appreciate that good marriage counseling can transform a relationship.

washington dc marriage counseling

Washington DC psychologist, Dr. Lynn Friedman enjoys helping couples through marriage counseling.

My experience has been consistent with clinical research findings showing that marriage counseling helps even very distressed couples.

Marriage counseling benefits couples. It helps couple’s to:

  • step into each others’ shoes and understand each others’ perspectives
  • become emotionally closer
  • develop a mutually agreed upon way to approach child (and, adolescent) rearing
  • blend families
  • deal with infidelity
  • increase emotional intimacy
  • difficulties with commitment
  • improve sexual intimacy
  • work on sexual difficulties
  • deal with conflicts around money
  • deal with conflicts around religious differences
  • deepen their understanding of, and empathy for, each other
  • strengthen their marriage or relationship
  • assess whether their relationship concerns are optimally addressed in, individual therapy, marriage counseling, both or in some other way
  • deal with strains associated with extended family members, such as in-laws
  • address work-a-holism
  • deal with traumatic losses
  • co-parent during or following a divorce
  • co-parent during a parent’s illness
  • integrate a new step parent after the death of a parent (both while children are still at home and after they become adults)
  • figure out how to help an adult child who is having difficulty launching into the world of school or work
    deal with anger, rage and hurt

Individuals and/or couples who are uncertain as to whether their difficulties would respond best to individual or couple’s therapy are welcome to call me, at: 301.6569650. To streamline things, leave your name and evening numbers.

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