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What is career and executive counseling?

Many Washingtonians are deeply invested in their work-life. Thus, many are interested in learning more about career and executive counseling in Washington, DC. People often ask, “What is career and executive counseling?” And, importantly, what are the benefits of this kind of consultation?

For those early in their career and for career changers, career and executive counseling can help you to:

For organizational and corporate leaders, career and executive counseling can help you to:

To learn more about how I think about work-life and corporate dynamics, here are links to my nationally-syndicated, Washington Business Journal column, Corporations on the Couch”.

The Washington Business Journal asked me what sorts of tips, I’d give to someone starting a new business or position.  Chalk it up to Experience: Small business experts teach you a thing about questions you should be asking,

“Be specific: Lynn Friedman, Corporations on the Couch columnist, wants to think about failure: “Before embarking in a new business, envision a perfect outcome in which you have achieved all your goals, successfully.

Describe it in detail. Include products and services, profits, number of employees and an array of business considerations. Also think about the impact you’d like to make and the recognition you’d like to get.

‘Ask yourself, ‘What are the benefits of success?’ Then, ask, ‘What are the advantages of failure?’ Tune into the inhibitions that you may have about success: Will it strain certain relationships? Alter your role in your family? Change how you see yourself?’

‘Take stock of both the advantages of success and, baffling enough, the advantages of failure.’”

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