Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

I am involved in an array of leadership roles at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, including serving as a Supervising Analyst, Chairing the Clinical Psychoanalytic Fellowship Program, serving on the Institute Council (our Education Committee), serving as the Institute Council Liaison, teaching our psychoanalytic candidates and others.

As Chair of the Fellowship Program, in tandem with my Co-Chair, Lindsay Brancato, Psy.D., I lead our psychoanalytic fellowship program. The group is comprised of mental health, educational and public policy professionals who are interested in learning more about how psychoanalysts think and work. And, how we apply psychoanalytic concepts both to the academy and beyond.

Supervising Psychoanalyst, Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

I have been appointed to supervise psychoanalysts-in-training.

Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP)

I am a clinical supervisor for the PSP.

Supervision for licensed professionals

Of course, I also supervise licensed people in the context of my private practice. And, any licensed professional interested in clinical supervision (really consultation) in my private practice is welcome to call me: 301.656.9650.

Psychoanalytic Teaching?
I’ve taught the courses, below, to our candidates.Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute courses

Introduction to conducting a psychoanalysis (1st year candidates)

I greatly enjoy teaching this course because it focuses on clinical technique and helping candidate analysts get started with their first psychoanalytic cases.

Psychoanalytic Writing: (2nd year candidates)

Adulthood and Character Disturbance: Narcissistic and sadomasochistic difficulties (3rd year candidates)

Continuous Case Conference (3rd year candidates)

Washington Psychoanalytic Activities

Chair, Fellowship Program

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