Washington DC Psychologist – 10 most read posts in 2015 in Dr. Lynn Friedman’s blog:

  1. What is psychoanalysis? 11075 people — Believe it or not, over 10,000 people wanted to know about psychoanalysis. It’s not dead. It’s alive and well. And, being practiced widely in the United States.
  2. How to write a cover letter for a research assistant position. 6230 — Lots of psychology undergraduates wanted to know how to write cover letter for a psychology research assistant position.
  3. What is psychotherapy? 3791 — There seems to be a lot of interest in what psychotherapy is and how it works, including both psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.
  4. Private psychotherapy practice. 2574 — And, many mental health professionals wanted to know how to build a successful, ethical psychotherapy practice.
  5. Undergraduate psychology internships. 2526 — Not surprisingly, many psychology undergraduates were looking for internships.
  6. The benefits of marriage counseling. 2393 — Couples were curious about how couple’s and marriage counseling can help.
  7. Fear of commitment. 2067 — Commitment and fear of intimacy was a concern for many of my readers.
  8. What do I need, career counseling or psychotherapy or nothing at all? 1778 — Not only did this article get a lot of reads. These readers wanted to know more. So they read, The Role of Unconscious Conflict in Career Counseling in the National Career Development Association magazine, Career Convergence.
  9. Dr. Lynn Friedman’s articles in the Washington Post. 1373 — In June, many read these articles on job hunting.
  10. What is self-esteem? 1289 — The formation of self-esteem continues to be a very popular topic. And, treatment can help.
  11. Why do people practice self-sabotage?And, how can they overcome it? 1254 — People wanted to learn more about why they engage in self-destructive behavior.
  12. What are the symptoms of anxiety and depression? 1237 — and, here in Washington DC where anxiety is so prevalent there were many people interested in reading about this topic.
  13. How can you choose a career that you love? 1185 — Not only did people read this article on how to choose a career, they read the remainder of the series on how to choose your career goals.

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