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June 21, 2019
Washington Business Journal

Corporations on the Couch

Your job may not be driving you nuts, but if it is Dr. Lynn Friedman, a Washington DC, psychologist, psychoanalyst & executive coach can help. Examining workplace dynamics — hiring, firings, narcissistic bosses, and passive aggressive employees, the office scapegoat and the bosses pet, corporate dysfunction and corporate health, happy employees and miserable ones — Friedman puts “Corporations on the Couch” in her widely popular, Washington Business Journal, column by that name. The clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, Johns Hopkins faculty member, organizational consultant and executive coach explains, in frank and often funny terms, how corporate cultures and corporate leaders support and sustain (albeit inadvertently) the surprising, strange and truly bizarre array of workplace behaviors. And, like any good therapist, Friedman helps readers get off the couch, build healthy relationships and end bad ones.

Corporations on the Couch cited here:

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