Renting a psychotherapy office ~ Chevy Chase, Maryland

How do you go about renting a psychotherapy office when you are just starting a psychotherapy practice?

There’s a lot to consider. There are an array of options. Here’s the cliff notes version.

Renting a psychotherapy office ~ sign a commercial lease

You can sign a commercial  lease. The advantage to this is that you have a guarantee that you will have a stable, consistent place in which to see your patients or clients for the duration of the lease. Clinically, this is very good news.To the patient’s unconscious, this can signal security and can increase a sense o trust. Lots of office moves can signal to the unconscious a lack of safety and security — not a message that you want to send.

Of course, if you are new in practice, taking on that kind of commitment can make you very anxious. So being realistic about what makes sense for you is very important. More important than your psychotherapy office rental situation is how you feel about it. Patients or clients can, unconsciously, pick up the vibe if you are, for example, anxious about getting patients.

So, if you are just starting out,  you may want to consider a sub-lease. This allows you to make a more, modest, part-time commitment. Also, this is ideal if you have a full-time, job and a part-time private practice.

How do you go about finding this kind of situation? Ask any clinician if you can rent their psychotherapy office one or two evenings a week or on a Saturday or Sunday. In the Greater Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area, it’s a good idea to select a location by a metro station.

I am renting a psychotherapy office ~ in Chevy Chase, Maryland


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