Psychotherapy consultation group for psychotherapists,

Devoted to psychoanalytic (psychodynamic) consultation.

This  psychotherapy consultation group will help clinicians to deepen their skill in psychodynamic (aka psychoanaytic psychotherapy). Clinicians will take turns presenting clinical cases. The three cornerstones of our focus will be:

  1. Case formulation: Specifically, there will be an emphasis on case conceptualization.  The patient strength’s, psychopathology, defensive style will be explored. And, the group will work to help the presenter achieve a coherent understanding of the patient’s dynamics.
  2. Transference/Counter-transference Constellations: The patient/therapist relationship and transference/counter-transference constellations will be examined.
  3. Creating an atmosphere of safety: There will be a special focus is on establishing a safe, therapeutic frame (e.g. confidentiality, establishing boundaries and patient expectations, setting fees, cancellation policies).

Psychotherapists are invited to present those cases that they find most challenging. The group will be structured with an eye toward creating a non-judgmental atmosphere for all of the participants.

The group will include both clinicians early in practice as well as more experienced clinicians who are interested in learning about and deepening their knowledge of psychodynamic approaches.

Location: Friendship Heights, by the metro, in Chevy Chase, MD (on the Washington, DC, border)

Lynn Friedman, Ph.D., 5480 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors & other mental health professionals are welcome

Starting in January 2016, this group will meet weekly, for ten, 1.5 hour sessions.

Interested mental health clinicians are welcome to call me at: 301.656.9650. Please leave your name, day and evening phone numbers and the time that it’s best to reach you.


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