Psychology Majors: How to Participate in Class

July 8, 2019
how to participate in psychology classes

“How to participate in psychology classes,” was previously published on my Carnegie Mellon blog; it is updated and republished here.

Not for Psychology Majors Only: Why Participate in Class

In the past, students have approached me and indicated that class participation does not come easily to them. I will attempt systematically to address two questions. First, why is it useful to participate in class? And second, how might one prepare to participate, thereby avoiding that oft-cited, oft-feared, nearly universal affliction, “stage fright”.

Why is it useful to participate in class?

There are several reasons participation in class is useful. Here are just a few:

How do I prepare to participate in class?

Each of you undoubtedly have different strategies but here are some strategies which students have found useful in the past. You may want to consider them.

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