Psychology internship: undergraduates

A list of Undergraduate psychology internships undergraduates

Psychology internships for undergraduates are an important adjuvant to your psychology major. Psychology internships allow you to gain experience and to test out your interest in the field. For undergraduates psychology internships can be difficult to find.  Here’s a list of excellent ones. These psychology internships for undergraduates can be difficult to find. So, start your search EARLY in the fall semester.  In preparing your application, be sure to describe your clinical research experience. Also, take coursework in statistics, research design and methodology. Finally, write a thoughtful cover letter. Some internships provide a stipend and others don’t. Note that your college or university may provide a stipend for you to do an internship, elsewhere, or locally, in the summer. For example, Swarthmore College, provides its’ students with funding to do internships, elsewhere. It’s never to early to investigate possible funding sources. Here are some steps that you might take:

  1. ask  your professors
  2. ask your international studies office (in case you want to do an internship abroad)
  3. ask your scholarship and fellowship office
  4. ask your undergraduate research program. Note: if your university doesn’t have such a program to your faculty, students and the Provost office and encourage them to start one!

Psychology clinical research internships for undergraduates

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