Psychology internships for undergraduates

This listing, “Psychology internships for undergraduates” is a work in progress. If you know of a psychology internship open to undergraduates from all over the country, please write in on the comments page and I will add it to the list. Our goal is a comprehensive list. Thank you.

Undergraduate psychology internships can be an important adjuvant to your psychology major. Psychology internships allow you to gain experience and to test out your interest in the field. But, sychology internships can be difficult to find. So, it’s a good idea to start your search early in the fall semester or even in the late summer.

For those interested in earning a doctorate in psychology, clinical research is essential. Although actual clinical experience is less critical to your application, it is important to get clinical experience for two reasons. First, before embarking on a doctoral program, it’s a good idea to test-out whether you enjoy clinical work.  Second, it’s nice to start graduate school with some well developed listening skills.

In preparing your application, be sure to describe your clinical research experience and your clinical experience. Also, take coursework in statistics, research design and methodology. Finally, write a thoughtful psychology research cover letter.

Psychology internships for undergraduates (research)

Psychology Internships: Undergraduates (Clinical)

  1. Davidson College Summer Academic Program at Broughton Hospital
  2. Pace University (undergraduate counseling center internship)

Psychology Internships in Washington DC

Psychology fellowships for graduate school

  1. McNair Scholars

These scholarships are for under-represented groups and for first generation college students with financial need.

How do you go about applying for these internships? And for graduate school? Read, below.


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