Psychodynamic Supervision: Individual and Group

I enjoy providing psychodynamic (aka psychoanalytic supervision), if you are interested in exploring this possibility, feel free to call me: 301.656.9650.

Individual Supervision

Supervision (technically, “consultation”) focuses on helping you to deepen your skills in psychodynamic technique and case conceptualization. I work with new clinicians as well as veteran clinicians who are interested in developing their skills more comprehensively. Beyond this, as a Training and Supervising Analyst, I supervise psychoanalysts-in-training as well as others who are considering a career in psychoanalysis.

Psychodynamic Supervision group starting in September 2018

For those interested in a psychodynamic psychotherapy “supervision” group (actually, a consultation group), I offer a group designed to help you deepen your understanding of the psychoanalytic frame, psychoanalytic technique and case conceptualization. Many welcome the opportunity to get to know, and to train alongside of, others who share their interest in psychodynamic thinking.

Your calls are welcome

If you are considering individual or group supervision, feel free to give me a call so that we can explore the possibility of working together.

Psychoanalytic Consultation Group

Psychodynamic Supervision Group (aka consultation group)



Psychoanalytic supervision group 2018

Psychodynamic supervision group ~ 2018 Washington DC

Psychodynamic supervision group ~ Washington DC

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