Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course: Johns Hopkins Friday & Saturday, October 28 & 29 (Rockville)

Professor, Program Lead, Johns Hopkins

Professor, Program Lead,
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Norma Day-Vines will explore the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy course: Johns Hopkins, taught by Associate Faculty member, Dr. Lynn Friedman. Dr. Norma Day-Vines is the Program Lead for the Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling Programs at Johns Hopkins University. She is a full professor. Dr. Day-Vines is a leader in the interface between diversity and counseling strategies. Much of her work has focused on developing counseling strategies and conceptual frameworks for working effectively with diverse children and adolescents. Here’s more information about Dr. Norma Day-Vines.

Johns Hopkins University

To read the interview,  learn about the course, and the course requirements, scroll down the page to the comments section and read. Have a question about registering for this course? Don’t ask it here. Instead, call the Johns Hopkins counseling program. Have a question about the content or the structure of the course? Feel free to ask it in the comments section, below. Please note, your comments will be made public. For individual questions that are unique to you, please reach out to the program. Here, online,  we won’t be able to answer every question, but we will do our best. We look forward to seeing you on our Rockville campus in October! And, welcome to the interview!

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