Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

I am involved in an array of leadership roles at the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, including serving as a Training and Supervising Analyst, serving on the Institute Council (our Education Committee) and teaching our psychoanalytic candidates and others. I greatly enjoy supervising, and treating, candidates as well as other mental health professionals.

Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

I have been appointed to analyze and supervise psychoanalysts-in-training.

Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP)

I am a clinical supervisor for the PSP.

Supervision for licensed professionals

Also, I supervise licensed people in the context of my private practice. And, any licensed professional interested in clinical supervision (really consultation) in my private practice is welcome to call me: 301.656.9650.

Psychoanalytic Teaching?
I’ve taught the courses, below, to our candidates.Washington Psychoanalytic Institute

Washington Psychoanalytic Institute courses

Introduction to conducting a psychoanalysis (1st year candidates)

I greatly enjoy teaching this course because it focuses on clinical technique and helping candidate analysts get started with their first psychoanalytic cases.

Psychoanalytic Writing: (2nd year candidates)

Adulthood and Character Disturbance: Narcissistic and sadomasochistic difficulties (3rd year candidates)

Continuous Case Conference (3rd year candidates)

Teaching at Johns Hopkins


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