I taught this course with Dr. Don Ross, on Narcissistic, borderline & sadomasochism. The reading list was Dr. Ross’s ingenious creation.

Human Development/Pathological Formations Track

Third Year Course, Weeks 21-30

Instructors: Donald Ross, M.D. and Lynn Friedman, Ph.D.

Reading List

    1. Week 21 March 8 Normal Adult Development 1

Joyce, James (1914): “The Dead”, From Dubliners: The Corrected Text, The Folio Society: London, 2003, 175-223.

    1. Week 22 March 15 Normal Adult Development 2

Wheelis, Allen (1956): The vocational hazards of psychoanalysis Int J Psa 37: 171-184

Gould, Roger (1993): Transformational tasks in adulthood. In Pollock GH, Greenspan SI (1993): The Course of Life, Vol VI: Late Adulthood, IUP: Madison, 23-68.

    1. March 22 Easter Break
    2. Week 23 March 29 Borderline Pathology 1

Ross DR, Favero M (2002): The experience of borderline phenomena through cinema: Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, and Pulp Fiction. Journal Am Academy of Psychoanalysis 30:489-507.

    1. Week 24 April 5 Borderline Pathology 2

Kernberg OF (1975): Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism, Chapter 1, The Syndrome, Jason Aronson: New York, 3-47.

    1. Week 25 April 12 Narcissistic Pathology 1

Kohut H (1966): Forms and transformations of narcissism. Originally in JAPA 14: 243-272.

    1. April 19 Passover Break
    2. Week 26 April 26 Narcissistic Pathology 2

Ross DR (1999): Hunting the white whale: Narcissistic rage from the perspectives of Ahab, Kohut, and the Buddha. Unpublished manuscript presented at “Clinical Applications of Buddhist Principles” Symposium, Sheppard Pratt Health System, Towson MD.

Kohut H (1972): Thoughts on narcissism and narcissistic rage. Originally in PSC 23: 360-400.

    1. Week 27 May 3 Narcissistic Pathology 3

Guttman A, Ross DR (2001): Integrating Kernberg and Kohut in clinical practice. Unpublished manuscript presented as the Gary O. Morris Research Award to the Washington Psychoanalytic Society, Washington, DC.

    1. Week 28 May 10 Masochistic Pathology 1

Merkin, Daphne (1996): Unlikely obsession: Confronting a taboo. From The New Yorker Magazine, 99-115.

Freud, Sigmund (1919): A child is being beaten: a contribution to the study of the origin of sexual perversions. SE 17: 175-204.

    1. Week 29 May 17 Masochistic Pathology 2

Cooper A (1984): The unusually painful analysis: a group of narcissistic-masochistic characters. In Pollock G, Gedo J (1984): Psychoanalysis, The Vital Issue, IUP: Madison, 45-67.

Millhauser, Steven (1988): “The Knife Thrower”, From The Knife Thrower and Other Stories. Crown: New York, 9-24.

    1. May 24 Memorial Day Break
    2. Week 30 May 31 Wrap Up – Failures in Work and Love

Byatt AS (1993): “The Chinese Lobster”, From: The Matisse Stories. Random House: New York, 93-134.

Joyce, James (1914): “A Painful Case”, From Dubliners: The Corrected Text, The Folio Society: London, 2003, 107-117.

Kernberg OF (1974): Barriers to falling and remaining in love. JAPA 22: 486-511.

– See more at: http://washington-dc-psychologist.com/narcissistic.html#sthash.FZGG1XOI.dpuf

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