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Work life can be challenging, especially here in Washington DC.  Perhaps there are few more daunting tasks than choosing a career. These posts examines the roadblocks that can get in the way and describes ways to overcome them.  How do you go about choosing a career or identifying career goals? Ask a random sample of Washingtonians about their work-life and you will learn that it can be thrilling and wonderful — terrible and miserable — and everything in between. Ask them when they thrive and when they struggle, and you will consistently learn that work-life trials and tribulations break down into seven categories:

Work life Washington DC — How do you go about pursuing your career goals?

What do I want to do with my life? How do I identify my career goals?
How do I go about pursuing my goals?
How do I galvanize myself to get started?
How do I overcome or tolerate my fear of rejection?
How do I overcome the fact that I am a bad beginner?
How do I assess what sort of help I need?
How do I select a career counselor or coach?

What sort of career help will prove useful in defining and achieving your work life goals?

In Washington DC, arguably the work-a-holic Capitol of the country, many professionals lament that they are not-entirely-fulfilled in their jobs or that they do not have enough time for family, friends, hobbies and community involvement. Yet, they are uncertain about how to go about changing their situation. Moreover, they lack clarity as to whether they need professional help. And, if so, what kind? Some ask, “how do I know if I need psychotherapy, career coaching (aka career counseling), family support or something else.” These are important questions to ask because, often, people pursue work-life coaching or psychotherapy without first undergoing a thoughtful psychoanalytically-informed, career assessment designed to develop a deeper understanding about what sort of help would be most useful in achieving their work-life goals. Those who discover that career counseling is warranted may be unsure as to how to select a career counselor.

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