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What do you do once you have a psychotherapy niche?

Let’s say that you know that you are interested in working couples or doing marriage counseling, or working with kids with ADHD, or doing long-term therapy and becoming a psychoanalyst. A first step is to find out what people who are pursuing those fields have done. What coursework have they taken? What placements and training have they pursued? What are they reading? And, how are they getting clients or patients?

How do you do that? In the coursework arena, you might try asking your professors, asking alumni from your program (don’t know how to find them? Now is the time to start an alumni listserv) and looking into advanced, postgraduate training programs in your area of interest. What postgraduate training programs are offered in your locale in your unique niche? Start asking about them and start investigating. Even as a student it is not too early to begin to explore your options. Also, what one shot continuing education workshops are offered? It’s not too early to enroll in a workshop in your area of interest. Although some of the material may be too advanced, you will begin to meet professionals in the field and you can start interviewing them about their career paths. As for reading, stop by your university library and do a literature search (nowadays you can do this online). Begin to read the professional literature in your area and begin to read the lay literature, too.

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