Clinical Supervision and Consultation in Washington DC

Psychodynamic Supervision Washington DC

I provide psychodynamic supervision and consultation in Washington, DC. Actually, I am in Chevy Chase, MD, steps away from the DC border. However, I am licensed in both Maryland and Washington DC.  Learn more my credentials here.

Clinical supervision and consultation in Washington DC for those seeking to further develop their skills in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I work with licensed, psychotherapists at all phases of their professional journey. My supervisees include beginners who are interested in deepening their psychodynamic/psychoanalytic skills; and in launching their practices. Also, more experienced clinicians who are seeking greater proficiency in case conceptualization and psychoanalytic technique seek me out.

Licensed clinicians wishing to deepen their skills in psychodynamic thinking are welcome to reach out to me.

Supervision for psychoanalytic candidates and analysts

I provide supervision for psychoanalytic candidates in training. I am particularly interested in theory of clinical technique and helping candidates, and analysts, overcome obstacles to developing analytic practices.

Supervision in the Psychoanalytic Studies Program

Those participating in the PSP are welcome to reach out to me for supervision.

Integrating other Theoretical Approaches with Psychodynamic Thinking

I have a special interest in those clinicians who are interested in incorporating psychodynamic thinking with their primary theoretical perspective.

I work with psychopharmacologists who are interested in incorporating psychodynamic thinking into their medication-based practices. Similarly, I enjoy working with clinicians from an array of theoretical backgrounds who feel that a psychodynamic lens will complement their primary theoretical orientation (e.g. those wishing to integrate it with CBT, humanistic or family systems approaches).

Clinical supervision and consultation in Washington DC with me

I am a Supervising and Training Analyst at the WBCP.

I welcome psychoanalytic candidates, graduate psychoanalysts, Psychoanalytic Studies Program (PSP) students and mental health professionals in the community for supervision or consultation.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to explore the possibility of supervision or consultation: 301.656.9650

Please note: In this era of COVID-19, I am providing online psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, clinical consultation, supervision & career counseling. If this interests you, feel free to give me a call:301.656.9650.



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