Build a Psychotherapy Practice

“Build a psychotherapy practice”, originally appeared in Washington DC Psychologist, Dr. Lynn Friedman, blog written for her Johns Hopkins graduate students

A tripartite model of private psychotherapy practice development

A tripartite model of private practice development

Developing self-awareness

Self-awareness leads to better clinical work

What is Psychoanalysis

Establishing the therapeutic frame

Developing the therapeutic frame

Lateness and “no shows” in the clinical hour

What is countertransference?: Two meanings

The clinician’s countertransference to the patient who comes late or does not show, January 29, 2010

When the therapist comes late

Finding office space

Understanding the patient who comes late

Setting fees

Dealing with Silence in a Clinical Setting, with a note about supervisory conflict

Developing your expertise

Establishing a Study Group

Creating a Professional Development Plan

Finding your niche

Identifying your preferred theoretical orientation

Helpful readings for those serious about developing clinical skills

Sharing your expertise

Creating Workshops

Clinical websites

Generating referral

Referring to skilled clinicians

Making Referrals

Generating Referrals: Letting Colleagues and the public know what you do

After you Establish a Niche

Building a private psychotherapy practice while working at a job

Helping people find low fee referrals

Additional steps to building a successful psychotherapy practice

There are several more steps to consider in building a successful psychotherapy practice

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