Achieving your career goals

Many of these articles on, Achieving career goals, were previously published in, a subsidiary of the Washington Post. Written by Washington DC psychologist, psychoanalyst and Master Career Counselor Dr. Lynn Friedman, they are republished here.

Achieving Career Goals


Work life can be challenging. Perhaps there are few more daunting tasks than choosing a career. These posts examine the roadblocks that can get in the way and describes ways to overcome them.

Here’s a series on how to identify and pursue your career goals:

What do I want to do with my life?

How do I go about pursuing my goals?

How do I overcome roadblocks that get in my way?

How do I assess what sort of help I need: Career Coaching vs psychotherapy

How do I select a career counselor or coach?

Career & professional networking

How to meet and talk to nearly everyone

Establishing yourself as an expert

Networking to develop your career

Setting career goals (previously published in the Washington Post)

Psychological factors in workplace unhappiness

My job, my life and why I’m not thrilled (in the Washington Business Journal)

Parental behavior can influence career success

Why many very bright, well-educated, young adults are under-employed or unhappily employed

The role of the unconscious in career counseling (in Career Convergence, National Career Development Association (NCDA))

The role of transference in career counseling (in Career Convergence, National Career Development Association (NCDA))

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