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To all:

I left Carnegie Mellon in 1999, from what I understand the internship is still ongoing. However, I now have a full-time, private practice in Washington,DC, and I teach at Johns Hopkins. Hence, I am no longer at Carnegie Mellon. If you are interested in the internship, please contact Carnegie Mellon, not me. Best of luck, LVF

Summer Research Internship in Clinical Psychology
Course Description
This course is geared toward students who are considering careers in the health professions including: clinical psychology, medicine, counseling, social work, nursing and related health care professions. The goal of this course is to give students broad-based exposure to the clinical research setting and to the psychologists, psychiatrists and related professionals who work in this setting.

Students are provided with experiences and information aimed at increasing their knowledge of the day-to-day professional lives of these mental health professionals so that they can make informed decisions about whether they are well-suited to a career in the helping/psychological professions; and, if so, which professions should they pursue?

Therefore, the course is a full-time, intensive, six-week internship involving both didactic and "hands-on" experience. Specifically, although the structure and content vary somewhat from year to year, interns participate in 5 primary activities:

  1. Seminar in Applied Clinical Research (1.5 hrs per week)
  2. Seminar in Professional Development (1.5 hrs per week)
  3. Weekly, Follow-up individual meetings with the T.A.
  4. Clinical research internship (20-25 hrs per week)
  5. Meeting with Research Mentor (45 minutes per week)
  6. Very regular group meetings with the T.A.

Beyond course activities, the 20-25 hour a week internship is conducted under the supervision of an M.D or Ph.D. often at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, the University of Pittsburgh Clinical Psychology Center or at other health/mental health research settings. In recent years our students have served as interns in the following clinical research areas: eating disorders, substance abuse, neuropsychology, the biological basis schizophrenia, the communication patterns of schizophrenic patients, attention deficit disorders in children, family interaction patterns, smoking cessation and other related areas.

Who should consider taking this course?
This course is geared toward the serious student. Students are accepted from all majors. Psychology, pre-med and related majors have found this course to be useful. In the past, students entering their junior and senior years have enrolled in this course. However, our more recent experience has revealed that mature, academically capable, interpersonally skilled, rising sophomores have found this course to be helpful in clarifying their possible career options and in helping them to develop strategies for exploring career alternatives. Therefore, we seek individuals who have just completed their freshman year, provided that the evidence a seriousness of purpose. The course provides an excellent opportunity for students to test out their goals and interests.

Course Admission Procedure
Interested students should contact Dr.Friedman via email at: lf0j@andrew.cmu.edu or should call her at 412-371-9801.

This 18 unit course (which transfers to other universities as 6 credits) will be taught both during the summer--session one and again during session two. The cost of tuition has been: $3204.

Students should verify the cost of tuition with John Papinchak. Also, they should direct any further questions about tuition to John Papinchak at jp7p. Tuition is This does not include room and board which can be arranged separately with the housing office.

Grading and Course Requirements
This course is an 18 unit course. It lasts 6 weeks and the requirements are quite demanding. It is graded. Psychology majors should note that it does not meet the upper level seminar requirements.

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