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  • Private practice course at Johns Hopkins for Clinical counselors
  • Career guidance for Undergraduates
  • Find an undergraduate psychology internship
  • Advice for Graduate Students
  • Career Development for Professionals
  • The Analyst's Advocate -- Outreach suggestions for Psychoanalysts
  • Careers in the Health and Helping Professions
    Dr. Lynn Friedman's columns published on the Washington Post
  • Careers in the Health and Helping Professions
  • Getting into Graduate School in Clinical Psychology
  • Getting into Medical School: Tips for the Aspiring Physician
  • Life After Graduate School -- Opportunities for Life-Long Learning
  • After Medical School: A Career in Psychiatry
  • Becoming a Psychotherapist
  • A Career in Clinical Research
  • Dr. Lynn Friedman hosts a Washington Post live online show: Careers in Health Care
  • Dr. Lynn Friedman is cited in PsychGrad, a journal of the American Psychological Association. See below:
  • Building Professional Relationships gives you an Edge in Graduate School and Beyond
  • Connect with Dr. Lynn Friedman
    Dr. Lynn Friedman works with professionals and professionals-in-the-making to help them to achieve their work-life goals.
  • To learn more about psychoanalytically-informed, career assessment, Download Dr. Lynn Friedman's pdf file on this interesting tool.
  • If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lynn Friedman, feel free to give her a call at: 301-656-9650
  • Corporations on the Couch Read Dr. Lynn Friedman's monthly, Washington Business Journal, column on understanding workplace dynamics.
  • For your questions about relationships, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, check out Dr. Lynn Friedman's websites: The Washington Psychoanalyst. Washington-DC-Psychologist.
  • Lynn Friedman, Ph.D. 5480 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD, 20815 (301)656-9650

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