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What is the Analyst's Advocate?

Psychoanalysis is a highly efficacious treatment, helping people to deepen their self-understanding, their capacity for intimacy, and their ability to live fuller lives. Yet, a lack of public awareness of our interventions threatens the very future of psychoanalysis.

Many lay people, and even some mental health professionals, have very little notion as to what we do, how we do it and whom it helps. This is unfortunate inasmuch as countless individuals, who could undoubtedly benefit from treatment, remain un-served. That many candidates and graduate analysts report difficulty finding analysands makes this fact all the more lamentable. This situation is not idiosyncratic to our institute. Analysts at other local institutes are reporting similar concerns.

Yet, this state of affairs is not irreparable. There are many steps that we can take to change the tide. This column, which will appear in each newsletter, will be devoted to describing, advocacy efforts, in which we can engage.

The Analyst's Advocate

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