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I am a Washington DC Psychologist and organizational consultant who has been providing executive coaching and organizational consultation to independent school heads, trustees and to other educational and corporate organizations for many years. I work with educational and corporate leaders both here in Washington DC in “real-time” and  elsewhere via phone and retreats.  Also, I’m a Supervising and Training Analyst in full-time, private practice who provides psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. 

I work with independent school heads and educational leaders on: school head/board chair relationships, partnering with parents, navigating change, co-education, building healthy schools, head transition, faculty development and related issues.

I’ve written extensively on corporate dynamics and on organizational dynamics in independent schools. My Washington Business Journal column, Corporations on the Couch, has been nationally-syndicated. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) has published my articles on navigating change, building healthy schools, head of school/trustee relationships and more. Also, I have presented extensively at educational conferences throughout the United States and beyond.

If you are interested in working with me, I welcome your calls: 301.656.9650.

NAIS Articles On Organizational Consultation In The Independent Schools

  • First families: A Toolkit for Trustees The inception of a new head marks a period of transition for the board, the faculty, the students, the parents, and the head.  However, virtually no attention has been given to the transitions of the spouses and children of heads. This article is devoted describing how the head and the first family can successfully navigate a safe passage to a gratifying headship.
  • Faculty Professional Development: A Primer for School Leader Effective professional development programs engender an atmosphere of excitement, intellectual stimulation, and collegiality.  Yet, many independent schools lack these programs.  Why would independent schools fail to develop a “community of life-long learners” among the faculty? How can these obstacles be overcome? …
  • Organizational Change in the Independent School: Promise or Peril  Implementing organizational changes in the independent school poses some unique and special challenges. What is the nature of these challenges? How might leadership identify “resistances” and increase collaboration? How might leadership mobilize the entire school community to participate in organizational assessment? Each will be addressed in turn.
  • Organizational Assessment in the Independent School: Crisis as an Inadvertent Assessment Tool.  This article, was originally written following September 11, 2001, examines how crisis – in the independent school – can be used an an organizational assessment tool. Although it focuses on 911, the ideas detailed can be applied to any independent school crisis.

More Articles Published by The NAIS, The Washington Post & Elsewhere

Interested In Organizational Consultation or Executive Coaching?

I work with educational and corporate leaders both here in Washington DC in “real time” and also via phone. Those seeking consultation or executive coaching are welcome to call me: 301.656.9650.


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